Custom camper vans
Built for you.

VRsurMesure simplifies the construction of your RV; the only limit is your dream!

Custom Camper vans

Our Custom Vans are available on three platforms : Dodge Promaster, Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter, all length, all height. –

All of those can be customized for either two or four passengers, depending on your needs!

We have one goal: To offer you YOUR dream Van. The floorplans we have built so far are just guidelines to help you customize your own Van.

Custom Projects:

Here are some vans we built for our customers.

The Shell

Our vans are built for 4-season camping. High-end insulation, and a powerful gas (or diesel) heating system make it easy to travel all year long! The van’s body is kept to its original state except for the fan and windows added. We want to make sure that there is no easy access for corrosion. That is why our water and electricity inlets are underneath the bumper side by side with the hitch for easy access, without compromising the body.


Two systems :

  • Two 6V batteries Deep-cycle for 400Ah
  • Inverter 2000W PureSin
  • 45 Amp Charger
  • Two 12V Lithium Batteries
  • Multiplus victro

Both systems work incredibly well, it’s just a matter of choosing which one fits your needs best!

Water System

  • Clear water tank 65 Litres (100 litres optional)
  • IsoTemp water-heater 20 Litres (30 litres optional)
  • Grey water tank 100 Litres

The cabinets

All our cabinets are handbuilt by a team of experienced cabinet makers. Our cabinets are made of cherrywood is a high quality wood that adapts well to the variety of conditions you will face by camping all year long (weather, road vibration, humidity).

Exterior equipment

  • 12V Maxfan
  • Thule Awning
  • T-vent Window for the sliding door
  • All other windows are also available depending on the interior design.

Interior Equipment

  • Swivel seat for driver and passenger seat
  • IsoTemp 12V refrigerator 4.6 square foot
  • Microwave 900W
  • Induction plate 1800W
  • Laguna Swivel table
  • Fixed bed built in 3 adjustable panels (3 different height)
  • LED Lighting
  • Lots of USB and 110V plugs
  • Linoleum floor or
  • Sliding door mosquito net with magnets
  • Rear door mosquitos net
  • Screens for all windows and for night time